MacOSX Safari: Play/Pause, Rewind & Fast Forward in Youtube Videos also works with VoiceOver

Nearly everybody has been in this situation: We’re watching or listening to a Youtube video and then…the telephone rings, our cup of coffee is empty, the cat is attacking the Jehova’s Witnesses at the door who want to talk to us about God…
anyways, we wish we could pause this Youtube video…

A while ago, I read a life hack on twitter saying that the k-key works to pause and play Youtube videos in Safari on the Mac. Even though this was aimed at sighted users I tried it anyway and…it works with VoiceOver.
Not only does k work to pause and play a video; furthermore, j works to rewind it and k is our friend if we want to fast forward the video. I think this is very helpful, especially for VoiceOver users.
Speaking of voiceOver: voiceOver users just have to switch off the QuickNavigation and make sure that the VoiceOver focus is not in the search field. Of course, because if it is, and QuickNavigation is turned off, we type lots of j, k and l.

Happy watching!


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