#iOS App Recommendation: #PikSpeak Cam – Photos With Sound

I stumbled upon a free app for iOs that is definitely worth a short blog post: PikSpeak Cam – pictures with sound. If you would like to know why pictures with a few seconds of audio are more awesome than a video clip, and if you want to see the direct link to the app store,
A few weeks ago, my dear Mrs. Böttner played around with a camera app that recorded a few seconds of audio before taking the picture. “Hang on! That’s an awesome idea!”, I said and downloaded the app. Unfortunately, it was not usable with VoiceOver. I emailed the developer and told him what an awesome app this could be for blind people. I got a reply within a day in which he told me that, after my email, he had already tried to use his app with VoiceOver and asked me a few questions…
Short story shorter: PikSpeak 4.0 is in the App Store today, and it is accessible to VoiceOver users. Whether you use VoiceOver or your own eye sight, here are some reasons why this app could be awesome for you:
• Hear the voices of the people in the picture say “Cheese!”. It might be a while until you see them again.
• Some blind people like taking pictures and showing them to people later on. However, how do we know which picture in our library is which? With a few seconds of audio we can either hear the surroundings or even speak a little description.

But why not record a video then?
• Pictures are easier on your phone’s storage
• When sharing, photos are easier on your data plan.
• Pictures are crisper than videos.
• When showing or sharing pictures, people are more patient to look at a photo than watching a video.

PS: An option to separate the photo from the audio track, for example, to share just the photo without the audio, is currently in the development. Keep your eyes and VoiceOver open for updates. And here is the link: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/pikspeak-camera-photos-sound/id556869571?mt=8 >


3 thoughts on “#iOS App Recommendation: #PikSpeak Cam – Photos With Sound

  1. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular post! It is the little changes which will make
    the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello!
    Thanks for the great Blog post.
    With regards to accessing Photos in IOS, I use the two finger double Tap and hold to add a VO label to my Photos. That way, I am able to later identify the Photos on My Camera roll.
    Before this, I was forever sharing the wrong Photo…


    Sea No Evil

  3. Hi, thanks for this. I am totally blind and have been looking for just such an app for a long time. I hope we can help to make this app even better with our input. Thanks again. Lindy

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