#Germany89, #FallOfTheWall, and I was 10.

5 thoughts on “#Germany89, #FallOfTheWall, and I was 10.

  1. Nice text, but I disagree with the first sentence. I’m also German in my early 30s, and I was 9 when the wall came down. I do NOT remember what I did that day. Growing up in Western Germany (and far away from the border) nothing really changed for me in 1989. As most 9 year olds, I was interested in hobbies, friends, school, but not in politics. The next Disney movie was more important than Schabowski. My family didn’t have relatives in the Eastern part of the country, and I was too young to take my own adventure daytrip, like 18yo students might have done. My strongest memory is “Wind of Change” playing on the radio over and over again. Other things, such as Schabowski speaking, or Kohl singing on the Wall, are not my very own memories, but were induced by repeating them on TV over and over again. When I got older, of course, I totally understood how big and important that change was in 1989, and I repect everybody’s personal memories and emotions about it. But for me in 1989 it was not THAT big.

    1. Perhaps because you are from the west?!?!?! Apologies if that sounds a bit rude but just stating the obvious. Amazing article Markus, gives a fantastic and personal insight into the issue. Was listening to Hurra by Die Aerzte earlier..going to do it in school with the kids tomorrow. Alles ist super, alles ist wunderbar!! Sarcasm?!?

      1. Thanks for the nice comments, Sarah and Michael. Of course, there are people who were not that close to the East, both geographically and in terms of personal contacts; that’s why I said”very likely”. 😉 I studied in Bavaria and most of my fellow student, east and west, did have fairly clear recollections of that day. This does, of course, not apply to everybody. Thanks again. Much appreciated! 🙂

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