#WorkAround to move apps from HomeScreen bottom row in #iOS8 with #VoiceOver

With iOS8 came a VoiceOver bug which prevents users to move apps from the bottom row of the HomeScreen. I have all my apps on one HomeScreen on my iPhone 5s: four apps which I use very frequently are in the top row, all the others are in folders beneath; the bottom row is empty. Whenever I download a new app, this ends up on page 2 of the HomeScreen. Apps moved from there to page 1 used to end up in the empty bottom row from where I was not able to move them.
the WorkAround: All I have to do now is open any folder on the HomeScreen and close it again to get back onto the HomeScreen. Now I can perform DoubleTap & hold to move the app from the bottom row into the folder where I want to put it.
That’s all there is to it. It has worked reliably for me ever since, and I would be happy to read your comments and whether this is working for you. I am aware that this is not a universal solution and might not work for everybody.

Happy moving! 🙂


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