My humble opinion on #Twittiquette

Everybody has their own opinion, and this is mine. Everybody has their own way of using Twitter, and this is mine. This is not about the content that is shared on Twitter but, moreover, about the presentation, about Twittiquette.
I like Twitter and I am interested to read what people have to say. Nonetheless, there are two pet hates of mine which will drastically reduce my motivation to read a tweet or, in the long run, even to keep following someone:

If you wanted to share information or your view on something with a crowd in a room, you would put some thought into the presentation; you would put in an effort to catch people’s attention and have them listen to you.
On Twitter, however, some people do not seem to think that way.

(1.) Posting a URL without even one word of description.
If you want me to have a look at something that you find interesting and that you think others might find interesting, too, you will be more successful to catch my attention if you add a headline of what the URL is about. Thanks to URL shorteners it is impossible to see the source URL nowadays.
If you wanted to share information with a crowd in a room, you would probably not just silently wave an unlabelled folder in the air and hope that somebody might be interested to have a look.

(2.) cut-off messag… http://…
I, personally, am always happy to get a message across with very few characters left or even dead on 0. Whenever I know that I will have to use a service like, for example, to post a longer tweet, I make sure that no text in my tweet is cut off by the TwiShort URL. Whenever I read a tweet in which text is cut off by a URL, this greatly reduces my motivation to read on.
It is about the presentation. I know that TwiShort URL are about 24 to 26 characters long. Keeping this in mind, I always try to use the actual tweet as an introduction to whatever the TwiShort URL leads to.

As I said above, this is just my opinion. If I would like people to take the time to read something that is important to me, I want to demonstrate that I put in just as much time to make it worth their while.


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