Live concerts and My Favourite Live-Video on Youtube

In addition to playing music, I have always enjoyed going to concerts. I just love the excitement before a concert and the shared excitement of a crowd during a concert. Here are the artists I have seen live so far, chronologically ordered by the first time I saw them. Some you do or might know, others you should know, imho.

    Puhdys – early 90s in Eisenach, Germany
    Canned Heat: some time in the mid-90s in Merkers, Germany
    the Kelly Family: twice in the mid-90s in Eisenach
    Alexander Blume & Band: 1995 in Eisenach, 2019 in Eschwege, Germany, 2019 in Ruhla, Germany
    Jeannie Carroll: 1995 in Eisenach
    Geile Götter: many times between 1996 and 2006; we used to play as their support act in and around Eisenach.
    Love Parade: 1997 in Berlin, Germany
    Joe Cocker: 1997 in Erfurt, Germany, 2005 in Sankt Wendel, Germany
    Barbara Dennerlein: 1999 in Mühlhausen, Germany
    Marius Müller-Westernhagen: 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany
    Choro di Praha & Praha Symphonic Orchestra: 2001 and 2006 in Bamberg, Germany
    Mark Knopfler: 2001 in Munich, Germany, 2010 and 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, 2015 in Bad Kissingen, Germany, 2019, Leipzig, Germany
    Banana Fishbones: 2002 and 2007 in Bamberg, Germany
    Herbert Grönemeyer: 2003 in Munich
    Simon Phillips: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Andy Timmons: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Orange Blue: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Axel Zwingenberger: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Dixie Chicks: 2003 in Munich
    Absolute Beginner: 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany
    Die Toten Hosen: 2004 in Würzburg, Germany
    Harlem Gospel Choir: 2004 in Galway, Ireland
    Why Didn’t they Ask Evans: 2006 in Trier, Germany
    Christy Moore: 2007 in Galway, 2014 in Tullamore, Ireland
    Texas Lightning: 2007 in Bamberg
    David Lyttle: 2007 in Galway
    Stars: 2008 in Galway, Ireland
    Sharon Shannon: 2009 in Galway
    Eleanor McEvoy: 2010 in Galway
    Bob Dylan: 2011 in Dublin
    Codaline: 2015 in Dublin
    The Dubliners: 2015 in Dublin
    Heidi Talbot: 2017 in Newbridge, Ireland
    Wartburg College Choir from Iowa (the best choir I have ever heard, like ever!: 2017 in Galway
    Norah Jones: 2017 at Stuttgart Jazz Open, Germany
    Jamie Cullum: 2017 at Stuttgart Jazz Open
    Nico Wieditz aka Starlights: 2019 in Waldkappel, Germany

…and the festival I sadly missed created my favourite Youtube live-music video:

Just listen to that crowd!


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