Markus beim #ILSC!

Hallo, meine lieben Leser:innen,

Heute ist es soweit: Ich trete mit meinem Song Never Walked the Highway beim International Low Vision Song Contest ILSC an.

Die deutsche Vorauswahl findet heute, am Freitag, dem 7. Mai, ab 19 Uhr MESZ statt. Ihr könnt in diesem Live-Stream auf Youtube dabei sein. Musik und Interviews mit uns teilnehmenden Künstlern beginnen um 19 Uhr; die online Abstimmung findet nach dem Schnelldurchlauf aller 15 Songs ab 21:10 Uhr auf der Website statt.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Ihr mit dabei seid und würde mich natürlich noch mehr freuen, im großen internationalen Finale am 21. Mai Deutschland vertreten zu können. Euere Stimme zählt!

Bis später und viele liebe Grüße, Euer Markus


Eine neue EP ist da!

Es gibt neue Musik! Meine meditativ-romantische EP „Downtime” möchte in verrückten Zeiten der Ungewissheit Euere 21 Minuten der ruhe sein, ein Zufluchtsort für Euere Ohren.

Anstatt nun hier Links zum Album auf allen Plattformen zu posten, möchte ich Euch gern einfach auf meine Musikseite mit den Links zu meinen Profilen bei den üblichen Musikdiensten weiterleiten. Nun braucht Ihr nur noch die Plattform Euerer Wahl auszusuchen; und dort werdet Ihr Downtime dann gleich finden.

Ich hoffe, das Hören bringt Euch ebenso viel Freude wie die Produktion mir gebracht hat.

Live concerts and My Favourite Live-Video on Youtube

In addition to playing music, I have always enjoyed going to concerts. I just love the excitement before a concert and the shared excitement of a crowd during a concert. Here are the artists I have seen live so far, chronologically ordered by the first time I saw them. Some you do or might know, others you should know, imho.

    Puhdys – early 90s in Eisenach, Germany
    Canned Heat: some time in the mid-90s in Merkers, Germany
    the Kelly Family: twice in the mid-90s in Eisenach
    Alexander Blume & Band: 1995 in Eisenach, 2019 in Eschwege, Germany, 2019 in Ruhla, Germany
    Jeannie Carroll: 1995 in Eisenach
    Geile Götter: many times between 1996 and 2006; we used to play as their support act in and around Eisenach.
    Love Parade: 1997 in Berlin, Germany
    Joe Cocker: 1997 in Erfurt, Germany, 2005 in Sankt Wendel, Germany
    Barbara Dennerlein: 1999 in Mühlhausen, Germany
    Marius Müller-Westernhagen: 1999 in Frankfurt, Germany
    Choro di Praha & Praha Symphonic Orchestra: 2001 and 2006 in Bamberg, Germany
    Mark Knopfler: 2001 in Munich, Germany, 2010 and 2011 in Dublin, Ireland, 2015 in Bad Kissingen, Germany, 2019, Leipzig, Germany
    Banana Fishbones: 2002 and 2007 in Bamberg, Germany
    Herbert Grönemeyer: 2003 in Munich
    Simon Phillips: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Andy Timmons: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Orange Blue: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Axel Zwingenberger: 2003 at the Frankfurt Music Fair
    Dixie Chicks: 2003 in Munich
    Absolute Beginner: 2004 in Nuremberg, Germany
    Die Toten Hosen: 2004 in Würzburg, Germany
    Harlem Gospel Choir: 2004 in Galway, Ireland
    Why Didn’t they Ask Evans: 2006 in Trier, Germany
    Christy Moore: 2007 in Galway, 2014 in Tullamore, Ireland
    Texas Lightning: 2007 in Bamberg
    David Lyttle: 2007 in Galway
    Stars: 2008 in Galway, Ireland
    Sharon Shannon: 2009 in Galway
    Eleanor McEvoy: 2010 in Galway
    Bob Dylan: 2011 in Dublin
    Codaline: 2015 in Dublin
    The Dubliners: 2015 in Dublin
    Heidi Talbot: 2017 in Newbridge, Ireland
    Wartburg College Choir from Iowa (the best choir I have ever heard, like ever!: 2017 in Galway
    Norah Jones: 2017 at Stuttgart Jazz Open, Germany
    Jamie Cullum: 2017 at Stuttgart Jazz Open
    Nico Wieditz aka Starlights: 2019 in Waldkappel, Germany

…and the festival I sadly missed created my favourite Youtube live-music video:

Just listen to that crowd!

Beneath a cloudy sky, a road enters the bottom third of the picture from the left, takes a left turn near the center and then disappears behind a hill in the distance. On the right hand side are two yellow road signs anchored in stoney ground. One picture shows a truck going down hill thus warning drivers of a steep descent. The other picture shows a cow above which somebody has drawn a UFO. The name "Markus Böttner" is written in black in the top left of the picture, whilst the track title "Never Walked the Highway" is written in white in the bottom left.

Update: Markus – Musikwettbewerb 2.0 – Wir Machen Druck GmbH | #Songwriter #MusicCompetition

Update & Good News

Ich bin unter den Top-24 und komme somit auf die Promo-CD!

I am in the Top-24 and made it onto the promo CD compilation!


Ich nehme an einem Musikwettbewerb der Wir Machen Druck GmbH & MM-Music-Media-Verlag teil und würde mich über Euere Unterstützung sehr freuen. Es ist auch ganz einfach:

    • Wenn Euch das Video gefällt, dann hört es gern bis zum Ende an, gebt ein Like und teilt es dann mit Eueren Freunden. Vielleicht gefällt es ihnen ja.


    Wenn Euch das Video nicht ganz so gut gefällt, dann lasst es doch einfach trotzdem bis zum Ende laufen – um sicher zu gehen, dass es Euch wirklich nicht gefällt 😉 – und teilt es dann mit eueren Freunden. Vielleicht gefällt es ihnen ja.


I am taking part in a music competition run by Wir Machen Druck Printing Ltd and MM-Music-Media-Verlag Publishing and ould be very grateful for your support. It is super easy, too:

    • If you like the video, don’t forget to listen to the end, like it and share it with your friends. Maybe they’ll like it.


    If you don’t like the video that much, just let it play to the end anyway – to make sure you don’t like it 😉 – and then share it with your friends. Maybe they’ll like it.

This day 4 years ago, the journey began…

This day four years ago, I uploaded my very first video to my Youtube channel. I am especially thankful to my dear good friend Sarah, who motivated me to embark on this Youtube journey and who organised a recording session in The Forge Recording Studio Galway as a birthday present and thus brought my own music productions on the way. Thank you so much! 🤗

This is my very first Youtube video

and if you like it and my other videos, I would be happy to welcome you as a subscriber and to let you know first whenever I upload new content.


Hi All! I published a new single called “Never Walked the Highway”, and I am very proud of it. It is out now and will be played for the first time in public this coming Thursday, April 26, on Town & Country with Thomas Mandt on Pure Sounds Radio – starting

    7pm GMT
    8pm central European time
    2pm Eastern and
    11am Pacific time

I would be thrilled if you guys listen in; and here is a little teaser for you:


Ganz neu! Brand new! 💿 No Rules (Seventeen)

🇩🇪 Die neue Single jetzt auf iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, tidal, Deezer, BandCamp und Microsoft Groove.
👉 Links zum Anhören und Download gibt’s hier.

Ein herzlicher Dank fürs Mastering geht an den sympathischen und kompetenten Herrn Joy Bausch – Music & Accessibility.”

🇬🇧 The new single, now on iTunes, Google Play, amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, BandCamp and Microsoft Groove.
👉 links for streaming and downloads can be found here.

A big thanks for mastering goes to this nice and competent gentleman, Mr. Joy Bausch – Music & Accessibility.

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Petition: Apple, Improve the Accessibility in Garage Band for MacOS

Apple’s striving to include accessibility in mainstream products and make them usable by all customers regardless of talents, sensory or physical restrictions is unparalleled in the industry. This is why Garage Band on the Mac is a very popular tool among blind musicians to create and publish their work.

However, myself and other blind users of Apple’s screenreader ‘VoiceOver’ face one big issue in Garage Band; and this issue has been reported by numerous people on numerous occasions: Automations are not accessible.

What does this mean? I, as a blind musician, am unable to fade-in / fade-out individual tracks, regions or define the fade-duration of the entire project. By implication, as these curves cannot be defined by VoiceOver users, other rising EQ effects and the likes are also inaccessible to us.

Garage Band has these basic features which one can expect from an audio workstation, and they are available to sighted users.
This is solely an issue with Garage Band & VoiceOver.
Thanks for sharing and for your support! If we wake up Apple’s accessibility engineers, you may hear more great music by great blind musicians in the near future! 🙂

You can follow this link to sign and share this petition.

I have also put together a short video clip on my Youtube channel to go with the petition.