Never Walked The Highway – Lyrics

1: Silent pictures of far-away scenes,
familiar features of places I’ve never been.
I’ve never smelled the prairie grass. Memories are made to last.
For those who’ve never been there dreams will do.

Chorus:I’ve never walked the highway with you.

2: Roadside motels, neon letters shining far,
small town hotels, beer in crowded music bars,
a Mustang, red convertible, red sunsets, balmy nights, and still
the radio’s playing James Taylor in a loop.

Chorus:I never drove the highway with you.

Bridge:Daddy, when I told you about the dream I had, you smiled and said, it seems I had the same idea as you.
We laughed and high-fived dreams we share and in our minds, we went to Carolina; and I realised it, too:

Chorus: I want to hit the highway with you.

3:Silent pictures of far-away scenes,
familiar pictures of places in our dreams.
But dreams are memories gone astray, and I believe I’ll see the day
when you and I will make this dream come true,

Chorus: and I’ll hit the highway with you.