How are you feeling, out of 10?

I was just thinking about something: When a doctor (or another personell with medical judgement capacities) asks you: “How are you feeling, out of 10?”, what does this actually mean? How do they base a diagnosis on people’s idiosyncratic judgement and experiences?

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Accessible WorkOut – Easy and at Home – with runtastic

It was with great interest that I read the MIT Technology Review of assistive technology to help the blind get moving. I, too, have not yet found a running group to join or a tandem cycling partner; and the closest gym is in an area that is not easily accessible to me.

Thankfully, the Austrian fitness platform has a number of apps in the App Store which are accessible to VoiceOver users and thus enable me to stay fit independently at home. Now that we are approaching the season when being active outside is not the most appealing idea for any of us, these apps come in handy for everybody.

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