VoiceOver-Nutzer: Videoschnitt auf dem Mac mit Shotcut & QuickTime

Ein paar Worte vorweg

Dank der MacOS-eigenen Screenreader-Software VoiceOver laufen die allermeisten Aufgaben für mich auf meinem MacBook air sehr effizient und smooth. Leider gehört die Videobearbeitung (noch) nicht dazu.

„Blind Videos bearbeiten!? Aber Videos sind doch zum Angucken!” sind nachvollziehbare Gedanken. Doch aufgemerkt! Blinde Menschen drehen Videos. Wir nutzen Social Media und möchten andere Menschen an unserem Leben teilhaben lassen oder Alltagstips mit anderen Blinden teilen. Wir möchten Momente einfangen. Manche von uns sind Musiker und nutzen Youtube. Ergo: Wir wollen nicht viel; einfache Videobearbeitung reicht uns eigentlich schon.

Meine Vorgehensweise ist natürlich meine Vorgehensweise und wird nicht für jeden anderen Nutzer gleichermaßen zielführend sein.

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Petition: Apple, Improve the Accessibility in Garage Band for MacOS

Apple’s striving to include accessibility in mainstream products and make them usable by all customers regardless of talents, sensory or physical restrictions is unparalleled in the industry. This is why Garage Band on the Mac is a very popular tool among blind musicians to create and publish their work.

However, myself and other blind users of Apple’s screenreader ‘VoiceOver’ face one big issue in Garage Band; and this issue has been reported by numerous people on numerous occasions: Automations are not accessible.

What does this mean? I, as a blind musician, am unable to fade-in / fade-out individual tracks, regions or define the fade-duration of the entire project. By implication, as these curves cannot be defined by VoiceOver users, other rising EQ effects and the likes are also inaccessible to us.

Garage Band has these basic features which one can expect from an audio workstation, and they are available to sighted users.
This is solely an issue with Garage Band & VoiceOver.
Thanks for sharing and for your support! If we wake up Apple’s accessibility engineers, you may hear more great music by great blind musicians in the near future! 🙂

You can follow this link to sign and share this petition.

I have also put together a short video clip on my Youtube channel to go with the petition.

#WorkAround to move apps from HomeScreen bottom row in #iOS8 with #VoiceOver

With iOS8 came a VoiceOver bug which prevents users to move apps from the bottom row of the HomeScreen. I have all my apps on one HomeScreen on my iPhone 5s: four apps which I use very frequently are in the top row, all the others are in folders beneath; the bottom row is empty. Whenever I download a new app, this ends up on page 2 of the HomeScreen. Apps moved from there to page 1 used to end up in the empty bottom row from where I was not able to move them. Until I stumbled upon a WorkAround.

MacOSX Safari: Play/Pause, Rewind & Fast Forward in Youtube Videos also works with VoiceOver

Nearly everybody has been in this situation: We’re watching or listening to a Youtube video and then…the telephone rings, our cup of coffee is empty, the cat is attacking the Jehova’s Witnesses at the door who want to talk to us about God…
anyways, we wish we could pause this Youtube video…
Read on how to do this via keyboard.