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Language Workshops for Students

As part of my PhD in English Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition I ran a 3-year Qualquan real-time study during which I accompanied a group of 41 secondary school students on their journey towards proficiency in German articulation. The study consisted of alternate recording sessions and workshops which were based on the findings from each previous recording session.

Based on these workshops I developed instructions for university students of German, which then included an introduction to phonetics and phonology. These workshops which emphasise the practical side of similarities between Irish English, Irish and German, have been held at NUI Galway, DCU, Maynooth University and MIC Limerick.

WorkShops for Teachers and Lecturers

In addition to numerous guest talks and conference talks, I have planned and delivered workshops for language teachers and lecturers. These workshops, too, accommodate an introduction to phonetics and phonology; however, their scope is much more on the educational perspective, i.e. providing guidelines for the detection and improvement of students’ faulty pronunciation.

WorkShops for Companies

If your company has to compromise between technical knowledge and language skills, and you are interested in a workshop for your employees to get them ready for interaction with German or French customers or partners, I will happily help you out.


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