Markus Böttner Music

Brand new / Ganz neu: Downtime (EP

In crazy times of uncertainties, Downtime wants to be your 21 minutes of peace and calm at your finger tips.

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Artist Bio

Markus Böttner, born in 1979, is a German pianist, singer, keyboarder and guitarist and shares his hometown Eisenach with Johann Sebastian Bach and jazz-, blues- and boogie pianist Alexander Blume. The latter was Markus’ keyboards & piano teacher and put his previous autodidactic musical endeavours with his parents and his sister Conny on the right path. Markus and his fellow school band members toured Eisenach and its surrounds extensively as support acts with local bands and as headliners from 1996 to 1998.

His college years in Bamberg saw further musical collaborations, small gigs and the recording of his first own albums of instrumental music. During an academic year at the University of Galway in Ireland and further ten years in Ireland, Markus developed an interest in songwriting and broadened his pianist and guitarist persona to include folk, country, jazz, blues, bossa nova, electronic music and blues rock.

Since 2016, Markus has released his self-produced EP “Friend Of The Family” and further releases “No Rules”, “Lock-In” and “Never Walked The Highway”. The latter was his entry in the 2019 music competition “Musikwettbewerb 2.0” by German print company ‘Wir Machen Druck GmbH’ and publisher ‘MM Music Media Verlag’ and made it onto the top-24 promo CD compilation out of over 200 entries.

Markus has been blind since 1999 and now appreciates the accessibility of Apple products, namely Garage Band and Logic Pro X, which allows him to put his ideas into music independently.

Markus strives to continue writing and recording his own music and produce jingles and trailers for advertisement and radio. He has produced trailers and openers for radio shows on internet radio station The Phoenix.