Combining #SkillsBuilding and #WorkLifeBalance with an Album Release

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I released my first EP recently and am accordingly happy and proud. It has been an interesting, exciting journey and a major element in my self-development and a perfect outlet to readjust my focus for other projects which are in the process of completion. Hashtag #PhD. A perfect opportunity!

The EP is called Friend Of The Family; it is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other streaming and download services. You can listen to a short promo preview clip on Youtube, and if and when this has sparked your interest, you can find all streaming and download links, song lyrics and the opportunity to grab a free Friend Of The Family ringtone by clicking here.

Besides my musical development, this production has also been an invaluable experience to develop and put to practice a number of skills which come in handy in working environments, too.

The production process has opened my eyes about how far software accessibility has come in recent years. The album was mainly recorded at home with Garage Band on my MacBook, apart from an evening in The Forge Recording Studio in Galway. I got a voucher for the studio for my birthday last year and put it to good use to record some vocals and to gather helpful knowledge about recording. The mastering was then all done on my Mac.

Some general skills which helped a lot

    Attention to Details: It goes without saying that the composition and recording of all the instruments and vocals, the programming of Garage Band’s impressive virtual drummer and fitting them into the larger picture of the individual songs would not work without attention to details as well as
    Creativity and Imagination as well as
    Target-driven and goal-oriented; those are buzz words which are used inflationary in job adverts. They, too, apply to a private music production; after all, the goal was to release the album, the target is to cover the costs of submission and some equipment which was indispensable to even start the project.

So I further developed some skills and understanding.

    A quick learner in specialist software, I soon developed a very efficient workflow when working with my digital audio workstations (DAW).
    My understanding of SEO helped me to develop an online marketing strategy to advertise the product, for example on this above page on this blog, a profile on the musicians’ network the musicians’ network, the Facebook page:,, a Twitter account and a SoundCloud profile. The latter one and my Youtube channel are used to provide well-presented preview snippets in order to guide the interested audience to the pages where they can stream or download the full product. Speaking of Youtube:
    Flexibility in finding workarounds promptly contributed to the answer to the question: “How does a blind person put together a video?” A one-slide Keynote presentation with music which was exported as a Quicktime movie turned out to be the quickest, safest and most convenient solution.

Overall, none of the above strategies are set in stone; moreover, they have been put in place in a way that makes them easily adaptable to my growing experience in music marketing, search engine optimisation, digital distribution, etc.

I hope you enjoy my little album. 21 minutes – this could be your occasional commuting soundtrack. 🙂


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